Big Magic

This book is hands down a must read for every single person. Elizabeth Gilbert has always been an inspiration, but this book will help push you right over that mountain of fear or doubt. I love how she goes into her personal struggles and isn’t afraid to talk about them. I actually started reading this book when I was in the middle of going back and forth to start a blog and being frustrated with my lack of technology skills. I can honestly say this book is the main reason I decided to actually go through with this.

I was chatting with my sweet Mama on the phone (I call her about 83 times a day) about how I couldn’t believe how fast life is actually going. I can’t believe I moved to a city knowing hardly anyone, fell in love with my best friend, graduated college, married him, adopted 2 dogs, bought a car, and currently in the process of buying a house. Who am I?! I’m still 11 years old inside. I pray everyday that God leads me down the path I’m supposed to take. I believe there will come a day where I’m excited to get up in the morning and take on whatever it is I’m doing. My career will be something I love, I just haven’t quite figured it out yet (and that’s okay).

Big Magic is a great read for people who want to live creative lives, and start something new and scary. Failing is apart of the journey and we have to embrace that. Her story of becoming a successful writer is so encouraging. We look at successful people who have jobs we could only dream of having and think it just happened for them. This book is encouraging to take that first leap of faith and see where it takes you. I highly recommend this book to everyone, even if you’re already happy with what you’re doing. Life is so short, and I refuse to do something for 40+ years that doesn’t truly make me happy. Fill your life with positive/supportive people, prayer, and have a mindset just as big and strong as your heart….and we will all find that happiness.

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Overcoming My Fear

I am facing my fear and starting this scary journey to an even happier me and blog it along the way! It’s frightening trying to decide what to do in life and what your purpose is. I have been praying for guidance and patience because I feel like there’s something else out there for me. Don’t get me wrong-I am so blessed in MANY ways, but I can’t help but feel this itch to do something more, get out of my comfort zone and share my experiences hoping to inspire/help others.

Honestly, I’m struggling even writing this first post. I have written and read this 248759 times, with about 825783 reasons not to post it. I have always been the type to never share things or be very public about my life. I have had this urge to document my journey while sharing things I love for a while now, so facing fear #1–CHECK! My blog is designed to share my love of yoga, reading, healthier living, things that make me smile in life, and even sharing personal struggles while I find my true happiness-whatever that may be. I hope to not only inspire others, but to learn from others along the way.

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