Essential Oils for a Stress Free Afternoon

If you ever walk into my house or talk to my husband you will quickly learn that I love essential oils. I diffuse them every night when I sleep and put them on specific parts of my body depending on my issue or need. I absolutely love to diffuse essential oils and use my roll on tubes after a long day while I practice yoga at home–or even just sitting down with a glass of wine and a good book trying to let go of whatever negativity the day brought.


Below are my favorite scents and blends to use for a nice stress free afternoon!


Calming: Diffuse 4 drops lavender  [Young Living]

Grounding and Purpose: Diffuse 4 drops Frankincense  [Young Living]

Balance and Peace: Diffuse 4 drops Geranium  [Young Living]

Deep Breath: Roll on Breathe Easy & Concentrate on neck and chest  [Blue Ridge Hemp Co]

Relieve Tension: Roll on Calm & Relax on neck, temples, and feet  [Blue Ridge Hemp Co]

Stress: Roll on Headache & Stress on back of neck, temples, and forehead  [Blue Ridge Hemp Co]


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*To get direct links to the Young Living Essential Oils, click on the photos below


Happy De-Stressing!





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