Essential Oils for a Stress Free Afternoon

If you ever walk into my house or talk to my husband you will quickly learn that I love essential oils. I diffuse them every night when I sleep and put them on specific parts of my body depending on my issue or need. I absolutely love to diffuse essential oils and use my roll on tubes after a long day while I practice yoga at home–or even just sitting down with a glass of wine and a good book trying to let go of whatever negativity the day brought.


Below are my favorite scents and blends to use for a nice stress free afternoon!


Calming: Diffuse 4 drops lavender  [Young Living]

Grounding and Purpose: Diffuse 4 drops Frankincense  [Young Living]

Balance and Peace: Diffuse 4 drops Geranium  [Young Living]

Deep Breath: Roll on Breathe Easy & Concentrate on neck and chest  [Blue Ridge Hemp Co]

Relieve Tension: Roll on Calm & Relax on neck, temples, and feet  [Blue Ridge Hemp Co]

Stress: Roll on Headache & Stress on back of neck, temples, and forehead  [Blue Ridge Hemp Co]


*For a discount on Blue Ridge Hemp Co products: You can click the photos at the top of this post for a direct link to their website. Use code yogichels at checkout!


*To get direct links to the Young Living Essential Oils, click on the photos below


Happy De-Stressing!





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3 Things To Let Go Of Today


Fresh off the weekend can be such a dreadful experience. For me, Sunday’s can even be difficult because all I think about is how I have to go back to work the next day. Mid week can be rough, and lets be honest…any day of the week can be frustrating. Negative thoughts consume the mind so easily, so in this short post I want to list 3 things to let go of and try to turn those not so good thoughts around!

  1. Let go of anything that happened yesterday, last week, last year, and also let go of anything that hasn’t happened yet
  2. Let go of opinions, judgments, complaints, financial situations, and worry of the unknown.
  3. Let go of the stress your to-do list is bringing you. Simply be aware that you have things to do, and that you will accomplish them.

Easier said that done, that’s why it’s called practice! It won’t completely change over night, but the more you feed your brain positive thoughts the easier it will be to let go. Sometimes I have to mentally talk to myself, just forcing yourself to say the words is great practice. The hardest part about this exercise is realizing the negative thoughts and worries. You can only change the direction of your thoughts when you realize they are toxic.

I try to meditate every single day, of course I have days where I don’t because that’s life. Having meditation as part of a routine has helped me recognize negative thoughts a lot easier than any other method. I highly recommend the app Headspace, a guided meditation practice. The app offers an anxiety series, stress series, and also individual sessions such as fear of flying, sleeping, interviews, and SO much more.

If anything, tell yourself once a day something you are really grateful for. Whether that be sunshine, coffee, your significant other, your health, your dog….etc.




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