You Are A Badass

You Are A Badass is a book I’m going to read over and over again, and I never do that with books. I have never had such a quick read where has incredible, powerful, eye opening advice. Not only does she provide so much great information, she is also funny. I would be so deep into a chapter really taking in the words on the pages, and suddenly laugh out loud. I have already suggested this book to my family and multiple friends–and their reactions were exactly what I expected.

I was originally drawn to this book because I kept seeing it pop up everywhere I went, a few of my favorite yogis had read and praised it, and when I looked it up to read what it was about I immediately went to buy it. The sabotaging thoughts we have about ourselves and our dreams can drown us in depression and fear. The doubt we have about chasing after what we really want because of what other’s think and say plays way too big of a role in our lives. Jen Sincero shares her stories, mistakes, and how she made it where she is today with pure honesty and humor. I know we can all relate to a few of her stories and benefit from this brilliant book. I promise by the end of the last page, you will have more motivation than you’ve ever had to go out and face whatever it is you’ve been avoiding.

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