Present over Perfect

Confession: I live life at 2895702384 mph. I struggle with always responding yes to people when my body is begging me to say no.

I was 6 pages into this book and already started to wonder why I didn’t find this book last year when I was truly exhausted and struggling. Better late than never though, right? During every yoga practice and meditation session I constantly work on being in the present moment. It sounds so incredibly simple but it’s the hardest thing for me. If I’m busy and constantly running around I feel like it takes my mind off of all life stressors. I quickly learned how much I was actually harming myself instead of helping.

I started meditating after I had my first 2 panic attacks. The first one that I had I honestly had no idea what it was. It didn’t last long and it was absolutely horrible, but I just put it off as something weird happening and moved on. I had my second attack less than a week later and decided to give meditation a try. It’s something I will always have to work on, but I have gotten to where I can sit and be present for about 10 minutes. When I first started I couldn’t even go 7 seconds. My brain is constantly thinking of things that either happened weeks/months/years ago that I just can’t seem to let go of, or either it’s weeks/months/years into the future creating situations that aren’t even real. I constantly think of things I have to get done and things I should get done. Shauna Niequist helped me realize the importance of rest and me time.

Society really seems to glorify exhaustion and set this standard that we should be this individual who is always there for people, can get anything done in a reasonable amount of time while smiling, keeping the house clean, bills paid up, laundry done, seeing everyone in your life, and doing everything everyone asks you to do. BLAH! I’m tired even typing that. That was my life last year, and to be honest it’s still my life. I have slowed down a little but not as much as I need to. Slowing down and being present doesn’t happen overnight (unfortunately). We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t even have to portray to be perfect. We don’t have to care what other people think of us or what their opinions are.

Who cares that you aren’t perfect. There is no need to try and rule the world and be superwoman/superman just so others will see it. More importantly, your body and mind don’t need to go through it. This book is incredible, and it really helped me because I don’t feel like I’m the only one struggling with this anymore. It’s important to honor your body when it’s telling you it needs rest. Instead of being at some social gathering you felt you had to be at because you couldn’t say no, stay at home with your significant other or by yourself wearing some sweats and drink a glass of wine. Be mindful, be present, be blessed, and be proud that you aren’t perfect.

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